Enjoy the Heat.

Looks like it is going to be a hot one this weekend!
Now is the time to enjoy it and not complain.
We too soon forget to appreciate this hot streak
and realize that in 2 months we will be looking at temperatures in
the 40's... We only have a little time each year to get out and enjoy this.
Don't get me wrong, I do really appreciate the invention of the
Air Conditioner... because if you don't have one these days, it is extremely difficult
enjoying the outside. Hats off to those in Europe and in the US who go without it.

I am just so proud of my kids and my wife. I love them so much and I had such a blast with them recently at the pool in Marshall.
Enjoy my Darling little Goofballs.
They both went down the big slide! Amazing.



We just spent this past weekend in Marshall, MN... Anna's hometown.
We originally planned to bring a "team" of students from our TrueBridge network of churches
to help the church there... Grace Life Church... move into it's new future home...
East Side Elementary School.
To make a long story short... we didn't up getting a really large team to help, but
we want to thank Brita, Kelly, Christine and Cindy for coming up from
Victory Christian Church in Balaton to help us move the Marshall Area Christian School (MACS)
and its supplies into East Side. Everything went really fast.
We moved everything in between 8 AM and 11 AM.
Below is a picture of Russ Oglesby, principal of MACS and my father-in-law
in the new school.

We want to be of help to those moving, because weknow that soon it will be our turn to
transition... and make our move to Minneapolis/St. Paul...
Bernie Wing, pastor of Grace Life Church had a fantastic message on Sunday about transition and how important it is to not be standing around, or thinking about the past, but rather pressing forward to the call God has for us... Philippians 3:14...
To listen to the sermon click here:


Have a great week!


Catching Up....

Whoa, when we got home from the Czech Republic I knew
I wouldn't have a lot of time to keep up with everything... hence the
delay on getting this blog current... and fresh for all of you. Normally on this weekend I would find myself helping or promting at Sonshine Music Festival in some capacity... but 2006 is a different year and there are so many changes ahead for us as a family that it is necessary to stay home from the APEX of the Summer Festivals. I picked the right year to stay home as far as the heat where it is expected to be 100 degrees there tomorrow.
Anyways, this is a good opportunity to let everyone know officially that the biggest change for the Haugen Family in 2006 will be the change of address... We are moving to the Twin Cities!!!
Looks like right around October 1st. So the next few days will be spent apartment hunting... We are looking at places in St Louis Park, Hopkins, and Eden Prairie.
Keep this in your prayers as we follow God's rabbit trail to our new residence.
We have no idea exactly where we will be except in His hands.
Exciting stuff actually. Next Weekend we are travelling to Marshall, MN to help Grace Life Church move into its new home... a school building in the heart of Marshall.
We are still assembling a team to help move stuff and clean stuff, so we'll have fun getting are hands dirty and sweaty. Then in August Picnic In The Park commences on the 26th to welcome the new students to UMM! Pray for the plans and preparations for that as we are a bit behind.
This is a snippet of what is going on here now... also pray for some time and some help getting the Czech Trip DVD out to our supporters who so sacrificially gave to such an amazing adventure! More to come...


On Wednesday, my dad Roger Haugen, had a retirement celebration at the Hypro Company Party... We were fortunate to be able to attend. My dad served faithfully at Hypro for 21 years... he has been the best dad in the whole world to me.
I look forward to many fun times on the golf course, on the boat, at a Twins game, or at the State Fair with my dad.
Love you dad! Mark

Jay Davis is a missionary to the Czech Republic... specifically Prague. He was a wonderful help to our team... he showed us around and introduced us to the 24-7 prayer house there.
Currently he is in the states... In Illinois and Colorado raising support for his ministry in Czech.
We feel a strong connection to his vision and he is just an invaluable friend for the future of bringing teams... be blessed Jay!



We send out much love and thanks to our friends... missionaries to the Czech Republic... Waylan & Laurie Bram.

They hosted us, helped bring direction to our team and overall, they were just the coolest people to help lead a team through the Czech Republic...

I am sending this along to you our LIFT-OFF support team to remember them in your prayers. Stay updated with them through their website: www.waylanandlaurie.com

Specifically pray for Waylan and his throat and the virus that beset him while our team was in Czech. Pray for healing and strength. And also, pray for the students in Laurie's class who came to church with us the night we were in Pardubice... Jacob and Monika.

Again, thanks Laurie & Waylan for giving up everything to serve the people of the Czech Republic. You guys rock!



Today I woke up and realized just how little I know of true freedom. On this, the 4th of July, I want to pay respects to one who fought for the freedom Christ wants to bring us.
John Huss was a reformer 100 years before Martin Luther arrived on the scene. He was burned at the stake on July 6, 1415... martyred for the sake of the Gospel. Our days in the Czech Republic were a reminder to not take this
"freedom" we have in the USA for granted. However, I have to make a choice each day not to.
It was for freedom that Christ set us free. It is not a freedom to do whatever we want... whatever we feel like doing. It is a freedom to love and worship and pray and share the good news that in Christ we are no longer our slaves to oursleves, but to LOVE... the higher law.
I leave you with a verse from Galatians 5:13:
"You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love."



After spending 2 days in Pardubice, we traveled to the beautiful city of Prague. Our first night, we split into groups of 3 and prayer walked the city. When we got back together as a group, we talked to a couple of homeless and then started singing some worship songs. Mark prayed that God would bring someone across our path that we could pray for. Almost immediately, a lady approached us and asked us if we spoke English and if we were Christians. She told us later that she felt the presence of God all over our group and couldn't stay away from us. She was a Christian who was very discouraged because of things that had happened to her. We laid hands on her and prayed for her. Tears poured down her face and it was obvious that God was encouraging her in a big way. The second day (after a night's stay in an amazing hotel with a beautiful balcony view of the city) we took the Metro across the city with a missionary named Jay. Jay is one of the nicest guys you will meet. He was very helpful and we are so happy that our paths crossed. Anyway, Jay took us to meet a Czech named Sasha, who is translating a modern version of theBible (kind of like the New Living Translation) into Czech. He really encouraged us and shared some powerful insights about the city of Prague and the Czech people. We got it on video, so hopefully we will be able to share that with you sometime. We also got to meet a guy named Mark Robbins who works with homeless and prostitutes. A really cool guy who we hope to stay in touch with. As you can see, this trip was all about meeting people and making connections! Mark and I went on a date the last day. The best date ever! Classical music, the nicest restaurant inPrague, and a night walk on the Charles Bridge.It was a great way to end a wonderful first trip for me to the Czech Republic. We will definitely becoming back!



We left Freak Fest and traveled to Pardubice, home of our good friends Waylan and Laurie. There we spent 2 days with students in Laurie's high school English class. This country is less than 1 percent Christian so none of the students were saved and very few even believed there is a God. We walked around the townand ate lunch with the students both days. It was amazing how God paired up the Czechs with theirAmerican friend. Many of us really clicked with our conversation partner and became fast friends. Two of the students even came to church on the last night. We didn't expect this, so we were rejoicing. They asked questions and stayed the whole service, watching with wide eyes. It was so cool to see God planting seeds. They have never read the Bible and Laurie will give each of the students a Bible on Friday at a class party. Pray that they read those Bibles!! At the church service, we were able to lead worship and Bill shared his testimony and a message on the importance of serving. Then we had an altar call and people came up for prayer. We were able to encourage many, and especially the pastor and his wife.