We left Freak Fest and traveled to Pardubice, home of our good friends Waylan and Laurie. There we spent 2 days with students in Laurie's high school English class. This country is less than 1 percent Christian so none of the students were saved and very few even believed there is a God. We walked around the townand ate lunch with the students both days. It was amazing how God paired up the Czechs with theirAmerican friend. Many of us really clicked with our conversation partner and became fast friends. Two of the students even came to church on the last night. We didn't expect this, so we were rejoicing. They asked questions and stayed the whole service, watching with wide eyes. It was so cool to see God planting seeds. They have never read the Bible and Laurie will give each of the students a Bible on Friday at a class party. Pray that they read those Bibles!! At the church service, we were able to lead worship and Bill shared his testimony and a message on the importance of serving. Then we had an altar call and people came up for prayer. We were able to encourage many, and especially the pastor and his wife.


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