Hello family and friends!
After some delays... we are all safely tucked into our hotel in Prague at 8 PM here, Tuesday Evening (1 PM Central time). We are 7 hours ahead of you guys.
To Make a long story short, we were delayed about 2.5 hours in getting off the ground in Washington DC at Dulles International Airpot.
Thus we arrived after our connecting flight to Prague left Frankfurt...So the next flight out to Prague, we all hoped to get on... unfortunately, a bunch of us were put on standby.Then, 4 of the remaining 6 were called to get on that flight. Anna and I asked that they let the rest of our team go while we remained in Frankfurt for the later 4 PM flight.So, we, the leaders of the team, ended up arriving last... but safely.
We are all exhausted and are sleeping early.We will catch a train this morning (Wednesday)on our way to FREAK FEST.
Bless you and thank you for your prayers.We feel them.
Also, give our girls a big hug and kiss from us.Ellie & Tab, we love you and miss you already!
Keep Miles and Richi in your prayers, members ofWaylan's band (our missionary friend here)They both became very sick today and want to heal up in time for the festival.
We love you!
Mark, Anna, and the team.


At 7:54 PM, Anonymous David said...

Praise God you made it! I'm assuming that Emma made it there safely to join you.

I'm praying for good sleep for you tonight.

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

Hey Team Czech!

This is Nick from the fligt from MSP to Washington. Glad to read you made it OK.
Brianna, thanks for the chat, it was great to meet you. The nicest plane ride I've had! Dean and Mark, nice chatting with you too.
Thanks for the prayers, they are being answered as you read this!

Don't underestimate that God of ours!

May God's blessing pour over you on your journey!


At 9:35 PM, Blogger Rick said...

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At 9:39 PM, Blogger Rick said...

Hello Mark,team and our Travis :-)

We are very glad to hear that you made it safely to Prague! I wasn't so sure when I saw on the web that your plane was having some issues. But it looks like God made everything work out eventually! We had alot of people praying all over the country!

We are remembering you now as you minister at the Freak Fest and pray that God will use you in some REALLY awesome ways!

God Bless! (Rick, Dad)

At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Deb (mom) said...

Hey all,

We finally found the site to know how things are going. I have been saying no news is good news yet it is good to know how things are going.

Travis I have been emailing daily. I know it probably is silly to you but a mom has a right to inform her kid of things:-).

We are praying for the team that God will use you in a mighty way and that you will grow from the this "adventure". (Neil word that fits).



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