Catching Up....

Whoa, when we got home from the Czech Republic I knew
I wouldn't have a lot of time to keep up with everything... hence the
delay on getting this blog current... and fresh for all of you. Normally on this weekend I would find myself helping or promting at Sonshine Music Festival in some capacity... but 2006 is a different year and there are so many changes ahead for us as a family that it is necessary to stay home from the APEX of the Summer Festivals. I picked the right year to stay home as far as the heat where it is expected to be 100 degrees there tomorrow.
Anyways, this is a good opportunity to let everyone know officially that the biggest change for the Haugen Family in 2006 will be the change of address... We are moving to the Twin Cities!!!
Looks like right around October 1st. So the next few days will be spent apartment hunting... We are looking at places in St Louis Park, Hopkins, and Eden Prairie.
Keep this in your prayers as we follow God's rabbit trail to our new residence.
We have no idea exactly where we will be except in His hands.
Exciting stuff actually. Next Weekend we are travelling to Marshall, MN to help Grace Life Church move into its new home... a school building in the heart of Marshall.
We are still assembling a team to help move stuff and clean stuff, so we'll have fun getting are hands dirty and sweaty. Then in August Picnic In The Park commences on the 26th to welcome the new students to UMM! Pray for the plans and preparations for that as we are a bit behind.
This is a snippet of what is going on here now... also pray for some time and some help getting the Czech Trip DVD out to our supporters who so sacrificially gave to such an amazing adventure! More to come...


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous emtron said...

prayers with you guys... Hope the home hunting goes well and God clearly points you to the right place


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