After spending 2 days in Pardubice, we traveled to the beautiful city of Prague. Our first night, we split into groups of 3 and prayer walked the city. When we got back together as a group, we talked to a couple of homeless and then started singing some worship songs. Mark prayed that God would bring someone across our path that we could pray for. Almost immediately, a lady approached us and asked us if we spoke English and if we were Christians. She told us later that she felt the presence of God all over our group and couldn't stay away from us. She was a Christian who was very discouraged because of things that had happened to her. We laid hands on her and prayed for her. Tears poured down her face and it was obvious that God was encouraging her in a big way. The second day (after a night's stay in an amazing hotel with a beautiful balcony view of the city) we took the Metro across the city with a missionary named Jay. Jay is one of the nicest guys you will meet. He was very helpful and we are so happy that our paths crossed. Anyway, Jay took us to meet a Czech named Sasha, who is translating a modern version of theBible (kind of like the New Living Translation) into Czech. He really encouraged us and shared some powerful insights about the city of Prague and the Czech people. We got it on video, so hopefully we will be able to share that with you sometime. We also got to meet a guy named Mark Robbins who works with homeless and prostitutes. A really cool guy who we hope to stay in touch with. As you can see, this trip was all about meeting people and making connections! Mark and I went on a date the last day. The best date ever! Classical music, the nicest restaurant inPrague, and a night walk on the Charles Bridge.It was a great way to end a wonderful first trip for me to the Czech Republic. We will definitely becoming back!


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