5,000 Students attend.
Last Friday, I was energized by the sheer
craziness at the NDSU campus arena.
I had the privilege of MC/DJ-ing in the entry way and outside as the folks waited outside to get in to see the bands and hear the message.
I did my best Conan O'brien impression.
I had alot of fun and met a ton of new friends as well as re-connected with old ones. The highlight of the event was the Gospel Presentation given by Nick Hall. He used interactive video to enhance his sharing the most important message many of these students will ever hear. That the God of the Universe loves them and that he sent Jesus to come and take away all our pain. 900+ students filled out response cards! Amazing. Praise the Lord! Pray for these new converts and the Pulse team as they do follow up on the campuses.


Just wanted to shout out to our friends the Winters... Brandon & Katie... they just welcomed Cameron James into the world a little over a week ago. Congratulations guys! What a doll...
Looks like his daddy.

You gotta love it when a new life arrives on the scene. God is so good!

Lord, bless the Winters and their new son!

Hooping it up at St. John's Prep School.
This was 11 days ago. Every year Prep has a career mentoring day for the students. They invite back all the alums to come share about their career paths. This year I got to share about LIFT-OFF and how a non-profit organization works and how it can be a great entreprenuerial career choice. Afterwards, they have a special alumni/faculty vs. student game where the whole school comes to watch. This is me and my good friend Dale and our coach from 1992-1994.
The students beat us by one point this year. I couldn't hit the basket to save my life. I was 0-8 from 3 point range! Atrocious! We'll get em next year.


This is going to be a ride up at the Bison Sports Arena. Be in prayer for the potentially 5,000 students to rally for this event to be held next Friday, MARCH 24th. An outreach to the campuses of Fargo/Moorhead. Be in Prayer for Nick Hall and crew this coming week. Nick is an evangelist with a huge heart for college students to be reached for Christ. He will be sharing the gospel before Vertical Horizon takes the stage around 9:30 PM that night.
I got a call from Nick and he asked me to be a part by lending a hand DJ-ing in the entry way as students come and gather. Pray for me as well. Click here to see the promo videos and info on this amazing event: http://www.pulsecampus.com/biggestevent.asp


Yes, the friendly distraction of the NCAA Men's Basketball 64 Team Tournament kicks off tomorrow. I have to admit I really enjoy this event... so many games, and there can be many upsets. I am in a pool this year with my friend Jeff Pankratz. I think I am in with 5 other guys. Many people do it for the money they can make. Anna and I do it for fun. We'll see who wins. I picked Connecticut and Duke in the Final with U Conn winning. I may be dead wrong. I have absolutely no idea. Let us know who you are picking to go all the way.


The ROC is over! But what a blast we had.
We feel so refreshed and encouraged... Thank you, supporters, for your prayers for us. Thank you City Hill Fellowship... the staff, the families, the youth. You are all amazing.
We want to welcome all of you who signed up at our display booth. This is where we plan to keep in touch with all of you. Now that we are back home the day after, we have much to do to get ready for the SEND ME (TrueBridge) Youth Retreat and our trip to the Czech Republic. We are encouraged by those who have expressed interest in the trip. Details will be forthcoming.
Our tax appointement is on Thursday of this week. So it is time to collect receipts and tally all the thousands of miles I drove in 2005. Should be fun... oh, a reminder to check out the links on this blog. On March 1st, the brand mew Jeremy Erickson website was launched:
www.jeremyerickson.com. Check it out and post comments.
Bless ya- Mark