Tabitha Makes the Paper!
Our little Tabby loves to read. This week the photographer from the Morris SunTribune caught her in action. I (Anna) enjoy taking the girls to the library for story time each week. We also go to an ECFE class once a week. It's been fun to meet some other moms. Last week, we went out for lunch with a couple of them. As a stay at home mom, my world can become inward and very small and I am trying to reach out and be a blessing to others besides myself. This makes all the difference in the world.


Yeah... here is a pic of us hanging at Applebees on our Anniversary date last week. Thanks Russ & Joanne,
Brad & Gina for your gift. You guys are the best!

Last night I really felt the weight of this
whole [LIFT-OFF] thing.
It seems to me that this project

[launching the ministry itself] is the beginning of SOMETHING BIG! As bad as we would like to stay in little old Morris and live our lives and have this ministry remain in relative anonymity...it seems as though we being called forth and out to do great exploits... probably with alot less anonymity than we'd like. That is what kills me inside sometimes.
The flip side of it is that there is much blessing and adventure and reward ahead.
It is time to go over the top/broadcast in NEON LIGHTS... go for the jugular so to speak,when it comes to raising support and getting the word out. You have to compete and put yourself and what you are doing on the line (risk). Much to my frustration, I have adopted a stronger risk aversion while living in Morris... everyone around here has it. It is a disease [risk aversion], and I need to be cured.
I get really excited about the possiblities of what doors could be opened through this Czech trip...it boggles the mind. Anyways... specifically today if you could pray for CONFIDENCE for me as I write and then present my case to future supporters.

(A 6-10 page paper/case statement is due tomorrow... Jan 24th.. for my class at Hamline)
Have a great day.Thanks for praying.


Well, it is super exciting thinking where we'll be heading 5 months from today!
To the Czech Republic of course.
We just set the dates.
And I am totally pumped! June 19 - June 30.
Tentatively, we'll be taking a team of 6-10 people on a mission trip that will take us to:
* Prague ( see red dot)
* outside Hradec Kralove for a festival known as Freak Fest
* Pardubice
More announcements on this to come.


In November, I (Mark) started taking a class
at Hamline University through Kingdom Oil
(www.kingdomoil.org) It is a crash course in how to be an
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of a non-profit organization...
which I now am currently with LIFT-OFF.
It has been thoroughly insightful for my personal growth in leadership. The classes are very relevant and practical to what is going on now with LIFT-OFF. Please pray for my trips to the Cities (every Tuesday now thru April 3rd). Pray that I would learn these next couple weeks the right
way to go about fundraising in 2006. Happy MLK Day to everyone! - Mark


Well, it is a Happy Anniversary today for Anna and I. We have been happily married for 5 years!
Wow! Has it been that long? I couldn't be happier. Today we are celebrating with a trip to
Marshall, MN.
Sometime I will do a post about our big day 5 years ago. We called the event UPROAR!
It was such a good time. A moment I will not soon forget.
Have a great day y'all.


Today we are working on sending out year-end giving statements to our supporters.
Detail stuff. But it must be done. It is rolling around to tax time. We are so greatful to all of you for contributing to our lives.
Next up is work on the 5th Annual Send Me Retreat to be held this spring in Upsala at
Camp Lebanon. April 21-23. This year's theme is tentatively titled- SEND ME:THROUGH.
I will elaborate on this more in another post coming up.
Pray that I get this done this week.
Bless ya- Mark


Welcome to the LIFT-OFF Blog!
Up and running as of January 11, 2006.
This is the home of Mark & Anna Haugen
on the web. Along with girls Ellie and Tabitha.
This will be the spot to find out what's happening
in our world. We will begin weekly updates for our
supporters and onlookers who might want to check
out what we are doing. Enjoy!