Well, first off, we are launching out
on a 10 day, 4 city tour of supporter dinners.
We begin tonight in Cokato, MN at my home church.
And then next week will travel to Fargo, ND,
then on to our other home, Morris, MN (where
we lived for 10 years... man it is weird to say that)...
and finally we will stop and Marshall and speak at
Grace Life Church.
The goal of this tour is to thank and bless all our
supporters who have given of their prayers,
their time & talents, and finances to LIFT-OFF
and show some of the cool things that happened
in and through us in 2006. Plus we will plunge
headlong into sharing our vision for this year
and the years ahead!
PLEASE, be in prayer for us as we travel.
Pray for safety. Pray for strong connections.
And pray that our support team would double!

** SEND ME RETREAT launches into its 6th year
in April.

** the 2nd annual TEE OFF with LIFT-OFF will
be held this upcoming May.

** Our second trip to the CZECH REPUBLIC will
commence June 18-29th. We are planning on bringing
a group of 20 this year.

** PICNIC IN THE PARK will be launched in another
city this fall, while the Morris event will enter its 8th year
in August...

** In between these events we are looking to connect and
be used to encourage youth and young adults week in and week out
through prayer gatherings, different concerts and other events.

As 2007 draws to a close, it is our hearts desire to completely
launch out full time into LIFT-OFF.
(my 8 year DJ career will be coming to an end...)

And as I look ahead to 2008, the stage is set for Anna and I
and the girls to make a run for China and the Beijing Olympics.

More on this later.
Remember to pray for our supporters both
present and future this next 10 days!
Bless you all.


At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciated the support dinner in Fargo a lot...it really helped me get a good understanding of your vision and what you're about.
Thanks for sharing!


At 11:28 AM, Blogger RoYcE said...

And hopefully in a few weeks I'll get him to commit to China.


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