Over the next month or so, I will be revealing on this blog the
founding principles of LIFT-OFF as a movement. Better said,
they much more than trite platitudes for Anna and I,
they are our PASSIONS.
The root word found inside of LIFT is LIFE. And if there
is one thing I should convey over and over, it would be this: We are
alive and we pray that other young folks would find the LIFE
we have found. We are about bringing LIFE where there is
death in this world. HOPE where is hopelessnes.
And COURAGE where there is discouragement!
For a long time I have been hashing through these PASSIONS as
I will call them (There are 7!).
For the longest time I called them PILLARS.
But that is not what they are... for they are not visible with
the naked eye. The passion we have lies in the world of the unseen.
So be checking here weekly for a new PASSION to be revealed here
each week for the next few weeks.


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