This is the Haugen clan celebrating Thanksgiving at the Goos household (my sister's family). We had a wonderful time and Julie did a fantastic job of cooking and hosting for her first time. I am especially thankful that our family is all close together here in Minnesota (now that John, Julie, David, Alayna, & Karissa moved back from Nebraska)



Officially, at 2 PM this afternoon, a 5 year lease
has been signed on the HAAVIG CENTER!
Yeah! Thanks for the prayers.
We have so much to be thankful for.
And we pray blessings on the Schuster Insurance Agency as they
take over the reins!


Wow... You gotta love the internet.
10 years ago, all I would even try to do was send an
occasional email... and would not even attempt to
buy anything there. Now it has been nearly a year since I
joined the world of BLOGGING, albeit a bit late.
Now I have been on MYSPACE for just over a week

and I have 51 friends. Go figure. Every day the connections
continue to expand. Myspace really is a great way to
connect intially with someone new, but it is especially useful
when trying to quickly re-connect with someone from college.
Here is my... space:


There has been some debate about its usefulness long term.
And whether or not it can be a good tool in the midst of all the bad.
What do you think? I want to know your thoughts.
Post away.



The times, they have changed.
The last couple days I stopped by local
Wal-Mart and Target. People had set up tents
and I for some reason thought they were union
workers may be protesting or on strike.
Duh! What was I thinking? I should have known
better! The PS3 is coming out!
People camped out for over 48 hours to get a
game system! Yep, welcome to my generation.
(I shouldn't talk, I waited nearly 12 hours in line,
to see U2 live last September)
In fact, yesterday I got a call from my good friend
Andy who was #23 in line for a unit at Best Buy.



Wow... last night on the local 6:00 PM news, there was an
important story run about a change in US government passport
and travel regulations.
The report urged that you get a passport before a
January 8, 2007 Deadline.
The strange thing about it is that just a few days ago, I sensed
that one of the main jobs for LIFT-OFF in the next season
is going to be URGING young people to get their passports.
And my desire is for us to begin providing a way to make it easy for
first-timers to sign-up. Well, I guess our government is going to
assist us in spurring us all on... young and old to do just that.
Here is a memo from the State Dept:

"Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)
On January 8, 2007, ALL persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be required to present a valid passport, Air NEXUS card, or U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Document."

Time to go get Ellie and Tabitha signed up!