Well, all I can say is you know its bad when your last post
was on March 26th. Which is fast approaching 4 months ago.
Dang. So much for my committment to this. I make excuses like
"Well, I am busy." "I am too tired." "There's nothing to write about."

Nothing could be farther from the truth of that last excuse.
Now quite frankly there is too much to write about.
I wish sometimes I took the time my friend Jeremy takes to
write his blog posts. They more fully express what is going on
than most folks. I wish I had the creative wit of my sister-in-law's
writing style. And I also wish I was more concise and simple like
my lovely wife. She just has a way with words. But I am who I am
and that is just the way it has to be.

One of the things that has taken my time away from the simple blog post
has been the phenomenon known as facebook. It is simpler to just say
something short and sweet on there. Plus the whole world of your
friends know when you change something and that will oftentimes
solicit more feedback more quickly. It is just more interactive.
Then again, maybe not.
After awhile I have begun to simply check facebook and
make little or no attempt to initiate or generate community
by writing on others walls or commenting on their photos.
No matter if it is skype, facebook, myspace or Blogger,
it all takes time spent on the computer...
which sometimes, given my family and its desire
for me to be present and not sitting in front of the computer all day...
pulls me away from it... and should rightly so.

Blaahhhhhh... Excuses, excuses...
If only I could be less perfectionist and less of a whiner,
I would be halfway good at this.
Anyways, at least I was honest for 12 or 13 minutes.


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