1) Anna and I and pastor Jacob
2) Swaty Vetry (worship band)
3) Etna (reggae band)
4) Dean rocks the mic
5) Brianna on a swing with boy




Hi friends,
Freak Fest was great! There is no question in my mind that it will be the first of many contacts with the Christians we worked with there. There were so many great connections made. (You know Mark!)
We met a guy named Sasha who is started a 24-7 prayer boiler room in Prague. He is going to spend some time with us later this week when we go to Prague. We also met a missionary named Jay who we instantly clicked with. He is also going to be with us in Prague later this week.
At the festival, our team's main job was working the prayer tent. We took shifts praying for 2 hours at a time. There was always a Czech person there with us. It was neat to pray with people of another language and it was amazing how God knitted us together and allowed us to encourage the pastor there and many of the Freak Fest staff. They were so thankful. They said, "how did we ever do this without the Americans?" We just filled gaps wherever needed. Setting up tents, watching over equipment, etc. It was very relaxing and we were all encouraged spiritually through the music and messages. The festival had a wonderful Holy Spirit presence about the whole thing and cannot even come close to anything I've been to in the U.S. Totally different, but I loved it!
The next couple days we will be sharing in the public schools and the church on Tuesday evening.
We love you all!
Keep praying!
Love, Anna and Mark



Hello family and friends!
After some delays... we are all safely tucked into our hotel in Prague at 8 PM here, Tuesday Evening (1 PM Central time). We are 7 hours ahead of you guys.
To Make a long story short, we were delayed about 2.5 hours in getting off the ground in Washington DC at Dulles International Airpot.
Thus we arrived after our connecting flight to Prague left Frankfurt...So the next flight out to Prague, we all hoped to get on... unfortunately, a bunch of us were put on standby.Then, 4 of the remaining 6 were called to get on that flight. Anna and I asked that they let the rest of our team go while we remained in Frankfurt for the later 4 PM flight.So, we, the leaders of the team, ended up arriving last... but safely.
We are all exhausted and are sleeping early.We will catch a train this morning (Wednesday)on our way to FREAK FEST.
Bless you and thank you for your prayers.We feel them.
Also, give our girls a big hug and kiss from us.Ellie & Tab, we love you and miss you already!
Keep Miles and Richi in your prayers, members ofWaylan's band (our missionary friend here)They both became very sick today and want to heal up in time for the festival.
We love you!
Mark, Anna, and the team.



Ready or not, here we come, CZECH REPUBLIC! We are super excited for this opportunity. Thanks for the prayers up to this point. Keep them coming. We need prayers for safe travel. Team UNITY. Pray for our time at Freak Fest. Dean will be performing his hip-hop. I will be DJing and Sharing about the Matrix and how it can help us apply our Christian walk daily. I will share on Friday. Dean & I perform on Saturday night... (which for all of you will actually be on Saturday afternoon) For your info we will be 7 hours ahead of Central Time. On Monday the 26th we will be spending the morning with Laurie Bram's High School English students... and then Tuesday, the 27th we'll be at an orphange. Our huge day for outreach will be on Wednesday, the 28th in Prague.... We again thank you for your encouragement, support, love and prayers. Keep checking this while we are there for updates. Take care.


Here are my 14 beautiful students and myself at our last recital of the year. It was a lot of fun!
I have been teaching for 4 years now. It doesn't seem like that long, but I started right before Ellie was born.
I wasn't sure whether I would keep teaching after we move to the Cities, but after this recital I realized that I definitely need to keep it up. Teaching is what I love! I will miss these kids so much. They are such a big part of my life.