Goes OFF!!!

Monday was a Beautiful Day
for golf! 72 Degrees and sunshine.
Very little wind.
The 12 teams battled it out
on Pebble Creek's RED & BLUE courses
We had a tie for 2nd Place...
Team Claus & Team Fearsome
And the winner of the first annual
led by captain Andy Anderson.
(pictured above with yours truly)
Thanks to all of the volunteers
who came out and helped.
We were able to raise additional
funds for our trip to the Czech
and gain new friends of LIFT-OFF!
Welcome aboard!


9 days from now, we'll be heading out to
Pebble Creek Golf Course in Becker, MN
for the first ever...
TEE OFF with LIFT-OFF event...
We have an opportunity at this event
to raise money for our upcoming trip
to the Czech Republic...
Have you ever planned a golf tournament
before? Any insights... Actually, it is alot of
hard work, but the work has been great
because we are getting to know so many more
new people... people that have never heard of us
and what we are about. We need your prayers for
many things.... first off... the weather...
nothing would be better than a sunny day with very little
wind and a high of between 65-70!
Second, that some golfers, at least half, would join our
support team both now and in the future.
Third, pray that more golfers would hear about TEE-OFF
and come out that day! We have a goal of 60 golfers...
right now we have about 40 committed.
Pray that we would meet our goal.


Anna Gets New Look!

Monday was the first of May.
We were in Marshall following the
Marshall High School Prom.
Anna's sister Gina has a salon and
Anna wanted a "new look"
for spring... and she got it!
Incredible! She looks great.
It was a shock at first but I love it.
Isn't she beautiful?
Yes, she is.