The ROC is over! But what a blast we had.
We feel so refreshed and encouraged... Thank you, supporters, for your prayers for us. Thank you City Hill Fellowship... the staff, the families, the youth. You are all amazing.
We want to welcome all of you who signed up at our display booth. This is where we plan to keep in touch with all of you. Now that we are back home the day after, we have much to do to get ready for the SEND ME (TrueBridge) Youth Retreat and our trip to the Czech Republic. We are encouraged by those who have expressed interest in the trip. Details will be forthcoming.
Our tax appointement is on Thursday of this week. So it is time to collect receipts and tally all the thousands of miles I drove in 2005. Should be fun... oh, a reminder to check out the links on this blog. On March 1st, the brand mew Jeremy Erickson website was launched:
www.jeremyerickson.com. Check it out and post comments.
Bless ya- Mark


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