Well, believe it or not... there is alot going on.

Thanks to your prayers a couple weeks back, I was able to finish my CASE STATEMENT paper for my Hamline Class. It turned out to be about 12 pages. I am actually revising it right now to get it ready for One-on-One supporter meetings as well as the REACH OUT CELEBRATION event coming up March 1-5 at City Hill Fellowship in Eden Prairie, MN. We are working on a display and DVD presentation for that as well. Pray for that process.

* SUPPORT RAISING - Right now, we want to link arms with people who have a vision to volunteer and give their heart and energy to this vision. As we share this vision with people we are believing God to triple our support base from 30 (currently) to 90 by the end of 2006. This is a key step in our strategic plan for 2006.

* SEND ME RETREAT - Praise God that we have been re-united with one of the best behind the scenes event planners I have ever met, Sara Heutinck. She is helping us SEND ME's 2006 event at Camp Lebanon held on April 21-23rd. Pray for our meeting next Tuesday (Valentines Day) as we continue to pull the event together with the Lord's help.

* CZECH REPUBLIC - We are setting a deadline of March 1st to solidify our team. Currently we have 6 people committed. We may have up to 10 people. Pray that God would divinely direct us to those who are supposed to come. We are feeling God shifting things around from our original plan and itinerary. Pray that we'd be flexible and open to change.

Bless you all- Mark


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