LIFT-OFF is in the process of getting airborne!
We are less than a day from attending our first ever REACH OUT CELEBRATION (ROC)
at City Hill Fellowship Church in Eden Prairie, MN. They are spotlighting our minstry. And what does this picture of me at a U2 concert have to do with this... yep, some of you have seen this already... but if you look down to the left from Bono and see a guy with a hat on with his hands raised! That's me. (from the show at the Target Center on September 23, 2005...Big ups to Dave "Huggie Bear" Hugare for the picture.) Well, Bono is one of my heroes and his band U2 help remind me of why we are doing LIFT-OFF... to get AIRBORNE! To launch out into the unknown.
Well, one of the ways to get airborne is to link up with others who can carry the load... speaking of links... that is one of the new updates on the site... I finally figured out how to do those. You will see U2 on there, my friends Waylan & Laurie Bram, and Greg Kneprath of MASI...and more.
Check em out. Also, you can finally ALL post comments on the site... I had to change a setting.
So now that works as well... Well, I thank you all for your love and prayers for us.


At 5:25 PM, Blogger stfahey said...

Awsome picture!! I'd Love to see Bono too.


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