We just spent this past weekend in Marshall, MN... Anna's hometown.
We originally planned to bring a "team" of students from our TrueBridge network of churches
to help the church there... Grace Life Church... move into it's new future home...
East Side Elementary School.
To make a long story short... we didn't up getting a really large team to help, but
we want to thank Brita, Kelly, Christine and Cindy for coming up from
Victory Christian Church in Balaton to help us move the Marshall Area Christian School (MACS)
and its supplies into East Side. Everything went really fast.
We moved everything in between 8 AM and 11 AM.
Below is a picture of Russ Oglesby, principal of MACS and my father-in-law
in the new school.

We want to be of help to those moving, because weknow that soon it will be our turn to
transition... and make our move to Minneapolis/St. Paul...
Bernie Wing, pastor of Grace Life Church had a fantastic message on Sunday about transition and how important it is to not be standing around, or thinking about the past, but rather pressing forward to the call God has for us... Philippians 3:14...
To listen to the sermon click here:


Have a great week!


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