Well, all I can say is you know its bad when your last post
was on March 26th. Which is fast approaching 4 months ago.
Dang. So much for my committment to this. I make excuses like
"Well, I am busy." "I am too tired." "There's nothing to write about."

Nothing could be farther from the truth of that last excuse.
Now quite frankly there is too much to write about.
I wish sometimes I took the time my friend Jeremy takes to
write his blog posts. They more fully express what is going on
than most folks. I wish I had the creative wit of my sister-in-law's
writing style. And I also wish I was more concise and simple like
my lovely wife. She just has a way with words. But I am who I am
and that is just the way it has to be.

One of the things that has taken my time away from the simple blog post
has been the phenomenon known as facebook. It is simpler to just say
something short and sweet on there. Plus the whole world of your
friends know when you change something and that will oftentimes
solicit more feedback more quickly. It is just more interactive.
Then again, maybe not.
After awhile I have begun to simply check facebook and
make little or no attempt to initiate or generate community
by writing on others walls or commenting on their photos.
No matter if it is skype, facebook, myspace or Blogger,
it all takes time spent on the computer...
which sometimes, given my family and its desire
for me to be present and not sitting in front of the computer all day...
pulls me away from it... and should rightly so.

Blaahhhhhh... Excuses, excuses...
If only I could be less perfectionist and less of a whiner,
I would be halfway good at this.
Anyways, at least I was honest for 12 or 13 minutes.



Today is just one of those days you want to remember.
So amazing out there here in Minnesota.
The long winter and spring snowmelt make me

appreciate a day like this!
I hope you will go out there and praise the Lord
by enjoying his creation today!

Here are the lyrics to a new song I just heard...
It's by Patty Griffin (from her Children Running Through CD)
Heavenly Day!

Heavenly Day
Patty Grifin

oh heavenly day, all the clouds blew away
got no trouble today with anyone
the smile on your face i live only to see
it's enough for me, baby, it's enough for me
oh, heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day
tomorrow may rain with sorrow
here's a little time we can borrow
forget all our troubles in these moments so few
all we've got right now, the only thing that
all we really have to do is have ourselves a heavenly day
lay here and watch the trees sway
oh, can't see no other way, no way, no way

heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day




Indeed, you might be wondering now that our new site(s)

are up... if the LIFT-OFF NOW Blog will continue?

(or for those you notice... the --- Blog)

Yes, indeed it will... at least until I fogure out how to

integrate this into the MISSIONS and EVENTS sites.

Thanks for your comments and prayers for Crohn's

and those who suffer from it. Continue to lift up the

Daigle family... and of course MICAH...


(coming soon... 4.20.07)
Check out the trailer for this year's event.



I just have to take a moment to sound off
on a subject that is increasingly drawing my attention.
It is this thing known as Crohn's Disease.
A terrible disease that attacks the Intestinal
tract in the body.
The reason I am going off about this is that,
for whatever reason, many of my friends and some
friends of my friends are either coming down with it or
are having symptoms that often mimic the disease.
It is driving me crazy because I believe there is
more to it than just the physical.
There is something spiritual about it and I want to begin
praying against this attack on a person's immune system.
Most importantly, I am praying for a cure and an end to it
not only for my friends but the many others who I do not
know who are leveled by it.
Bless you as you join in praying for a cure!