The Eagles Have Landed... Safely

Just dropping a quick note to everyone that we have arrived safely on
planet Minneap. We had a fantastically quick load in thanks to my
boys from all over the cities. I want to thank Jon Williams, Yusef Orest,
Andy Lange, Charlie Oglesby, John Kess, Mark & Christy Daigle, D[Know], My parents,
Jamie & Pam Buchanan, and I know I am forgetting someone.
Darn. Anyway, we are yet to have internet. So I am typing away at Panera Bread
for now. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have unpacked all the boxes, gone online, and the Twins will have a 1-0 lead in the playoffs. We had a chance to meet our neighbors down the street.
Tons of kids. Great for Ellie and Tab. Pictures will be forthcoming. Bless you all.
Thanks for your prayers. We are safe in His Hands.
Mark & Anna


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