For the past several weeks, I have been sorting through closets and going through 10+ years worth of our stuff. I've lost track of the number of garbage bags of papers and old or broken items I've thrown away. I also can't believe how many clothes we had accumulated from a 4 and 2 year old in a few short years! Reading through old journals from college and looking at cards people had sent brought back so many great memories. I sat up last night and wrote down a brief history of our time in Morris and all I have learned here. It was fun to reflect and see how much I have grown as a person.
Here are some of the top lessons I have learned in Morris
* How to be a mom
*The importance of loving those who are hard to love
* How to WAIT on God
* That prophesy and the gifts are not just to be used in church, but in the world
* That my heart yearns for the church to be "one" and for believers to put aside their differences and see the heart
* That I am not above being offended and need to be careful.
* I learned not to put leaders on a pedestal and not to be judgmental
* I learned to love my pastors and their families
* I learned that people want so badly to be trusted and they can tell immediately when there is a lack of trust.
*That I am not as patient as I thought I was
*That I don't have to win every argument
*That mothering is one of my primary gifts
*That worship and prayer (together as one) is another of my primary loves
*I learned that I can hear God and I DO hear God
*I learned how to call people (Mark says, "Get on that phone! Don't be afraid of it!)
*I learned that Mark and I are a "Barnabus Team" of encouragers
*I learned that we are bridge builders and Mark is an amazing connector
*I learned (am learning) not to micro-manage Mark's life
*I learned (am learning) to pray before I speak

Hope you learned a little more about me from that.


At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Hootie said...

Hey Anna

Couldn't help but smile at your lessons from Morris....mostly because I've learned, or am learning, a good many of them in my own way. Can't wait until you are all living closer by!


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