After cleaning up from Picnic in the Park and doing about a million dishes, we decided to head to the State Fair for a little R and R. Before meeting Mark's parents and sister at the fair, I had an interview for a piano teaching job. I was extremely nervous and didn't feel qualified for the job teaching in a studio in St. Paul. The interview turned out great and was nothing to be nervous about. I got the job!! Feeling confident and content, we headed to the fair. It was raining, but I didn't really care. It was just great to be with family and enjoying food "on a stick"
After a fun day at the fair, Mark told me that he had to pick up a truck and some equipment and that we would have to drive back to Cokato separately. An instant panic entered the pit of my stomach. Many of you know that I am terrified of driving in the Cities. Mark said I could follow him and I didn't need to worry. Well, it was dark, and I lost him and started following another truck that looked like his!! To make a long story short, I turned around and looked at a map. Then, with a lot of help from my Daddy in heaven, I made it all the way from 35W to 94 and through Mpls by myself. It felt great!!
So, there's my day to remember. Thanks for your prayers for our transition to the Cities. Things are coming together and yes, with God's help, I will learn to drive on the freeway!


At 10:42 AM, Anonymous em said...

go anna! I havent driven in 2 weeks, trying to book a lesson for next week.... i wanna pass my test!


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