EMOTIONAL (vulnerable)

That's the best way to describe this strange time
between living in Morris and moving to Minneapolis!
We just spent 3 days in the Cities, at a wedding and then
meeting with my DJ partner and then the TrueBridge
group of pastors and youth. And a bunch of time
spent driving all over the place. I am definitely getting tired of the "drive"
Over the past month it has been hard wanting to prepare for
our future as a family living in the Twin Cities, while at the same time
trying to still "live" in Morris... I believe I have failed at the latter.
We have been gone so much... I feel like I am not really "here",
though I am physically "here" now.
This is a lesson to me if and when we move again... live more in
the now and not for the future, because living for a future that may
never be is pointless...
This is not to say that I don't believe in planning ahead.
I do. That is why we love planning events.

"Are you excited about moving to the Cities?"
This has been THE question of late. and my answer is just strange.
Yes. (no emotion of course, so people can see right through it)... the better answer is
"I want to be. But honestly, I am scared of the unknown. I am moving to
the Cities on faith, that I feel this is the right time for us."
I so want to express to our Morris friends that I honestly don't have
anything against Morris. In fact, I love Morris... so much so, that if it were
up to me, we would stay... all I can say is that I think God is moving us on.
Morris has been a life-changing journey for us. This week in 1996, both Anna and I arrived here at UMM. Ten Years later we leave as "completely" different people... with 2 wonderful children to come along for the ride.

I'm not sure if I really know what that means. I am a "connector" I want to stay connected with as many people as I can, because you never know how someone might connect with someone.
I guess I am a relational "pack rat" This does carry over into how I save my CD's and videos and clothes... It is time - and my lovely wife is teaching me this - to LET GO!

More later...
Emotions, there is so much to say...


At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Emtron said...

i so know how you feel - changes and stuff. Although not as radical for me, i'm scared - leaving behind a massive company, a place i have worked on and off for about 4 years with certain ways of doing things and a lot of friends. About to face new challenges, new ways of doing things and possibly moving to another country.
I' ve just realised the last coupla years that I'm a connector too - sometimes it is hard though to know which connections to keep live.
Will be praying for you guys. You know He has got you safe.
Keep it real.
I love you guys :)

At 5:45 PM, Blogger RoYcE said...

For some reason this post made me think of a few Beatles' songs. That one called "The End" and "the long and winding road." I keep hearing the Beatles in the back of my mind as I read the "moving" posts. It seems that the soundtrack to your lives is playing music that is nostaligic.


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